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Starting thursday I will no longer be updating my Tumblr… due to the time it can so quickly take from me. I am literally so packed at the moment with Bible College, Internship, Job, Homework, and other ministry that I have started doing that I don’t have a second to spare. So I’m making cutbacks on my life, facebook is already gone (although I will be reactivating it in a week)  and now I’m cutting out tumblr to.

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Anonymous said: You're wasting your time with bible college. Spend you money and time on getting a real education. Something with real credentials.

The Bible College I attend is a Nationally Accredited School and has the goal to teach the same thing as almost any other college, critical thinking skills. 

Later I am going to get an MFT and become licensed with the state, using this bachelors degree as my foundation. Dosen’t sound like a waste of time to me…


Goodbye Tumblr…

Starting thursday I will no longer be updating my Tumblr… due to the time it can so quickly take from me. I am literally so packed at the moment with Bible College, Internship, Job, Homework, and other ministry that I have started doing that I don’t have a second to spare. So I’m making cutbacks on my life, facebook is already gone (although I will be reactivating it in a week)  and now I’m cutting out tumblr to.

Two easy ways to still stay connected with my:

  1. Follow me on twitter: @brandonmaddux
  2. Subscribe to my blog: www.brandonmaddux.com

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Anonymous said: how can you put so much faith into something that is constantly being disproved by science? Why is it so important to you that we were created to be the way we are, and with a purpose? Why do we need a reason to be here? Just because we are, doesn't mean we need a reason. Just because you want something to be true doesn't make it true. faith isn't an argument for proof of a god. So how do you do it? how do you turn off you mind to the world around you and put faith in a fairy tale?

These are some difficult questions, but such good questions to ask. I have been studying logical and critical analysis and COMPLETELY AGREE with you that FAITH IS NOT PROOF FOR GOD. I also believe that bible verses are not evidence that the Bible is true. Sometimes the “proof” Christians use just does not make sense.

Now technically, if we are going to get into a real argument, your entire argument is invalid. Skepticism is actually a logical fallacy, asking questions cannot prove something wrong. 

We got to come back to the basics, the Bible is not “disproved by science” in fact you would be surprised with some of my beliefs that completely agree with mainstream scientists. For example I believe in the Big Bang Theory (I just think God intentionally used that process) and I believe that rapid evolution is possible. 

The Bible actually has corrected mainstream scientific thought in the past. People use to believe the earth was flat, but in the Bible is said the earth is a sphere, and we found out down the road that the Bible is right, the earth is a sphere.

So using hypothesis (Guesses) that are constantly changing and being disproved or adjusted to try and argue against a book that has stood the test of time (over 1500 years) and backed by countless sources of historical evidence seems to not make much sense.

The rest of the discussion is pointless, if we don’t settle this first part. So if you agree with this, message me (and use your name, because I normally don’t respond to anonymous message) and I would love to continue this great discussion with you. If you disagree, respond with evidence (not just questions) so we can have a real logical discussion.

Thanks for messaging me, I always love a good discusion.

Brandon Maddux 


Anonymous said: I found your tumblr a few months ago and I've been waiting for you to post for what seems like forever. Your faith in God is beautiful. Reading your posts and seeing the positive outlook you have on life makes me want to mend my relationship with God. I hope that you post more :)

Hey! Thanks for the encouragement! I have been so busy with school and work and an internship that I have not been posting on here much lately. I will try to post occasionally again. However, I have another blog… if you want to take a look: www.brandonmaddux.com

P.S. Who are you… lol (this whole anonymous thing is kinda of pointless) 

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In the last two weeks something has changed in my mind, it’s me with a new determination to fight against myself and my selfish, insecure, prideful being. I’m not saying that I all of the sudden have a perfect life, it’s incredibly far from that. I now am more determined for my relationship with God to flourish.

It all began a few days before break ended… I was reading a book, that my Uncle Paul told me to read. It is called Passion and Persistence, it tells the story of the second largest church in the world. The cell church format the book promotes really messed with my mind, but what hit my heart is seeing the passion in this church.

I was thinking, passion for Christ? Well I love him… right? Yeah I do! I want to be a Pastor, so clearly I have passion! Then I realized there is a clear distinction between Passion and Direction. Just that I have direction from God, does not mean that I necessarily have radical passion for a intimate relationship with God. I am headed to be a Children’s Pastor… great, but do I have a passionate relationship with the Jesus I am suppose to bringing others into relationship with? For pete’s sake, I’m at Bible College, studying about him every day… great, but do I have a passionate relationship with Jesus?

It hurt as I realized that my spiritual life is crippled, which in turn means the ministry I do is crippled. I don’t spend time in worship with him daily, I don’t spend time reading his words, I don’t spend time listening to him, I don’t spend time in prayer, I don’t spend much time with him. Sure, I’m in bible college, but it takes effort to take an academic understanding of the Lord and make that into a personal relationship. They are not one and the same.

So the last day or so of break I read the introduction and first chapter of Francis Chan’s book, Forgotten God. This book is about how we have abandoned the Holy Spirit. The little bit of this book that I have read so far again showed me how I needed to revive my spiritual life.

So I get to school on Saturday, i meat new students and that is all pretty cool. Sunday came and while I was sitting listening to Pastor Marty’s teaching about Recovery I was impacted by how I have let my selfish desires take control of the way I handle my health. From the beginning of summer to the end of the Fall Semester I went from 195 pounds to 216 pounds. I gained 21 pounds and lost a lot of muscle. I was not taking care of God’s temple. It seems stupid when I think about it, that since our bodies are so essential we would ever let ourselves be unhealthy. What does this mean? I should eat a little less right? Well honestly, I wasn’t going to eat less or start exercising, because I didn’t think I could. My spiritual life had been abandoned and along with it my ability to be discipled and have self-control.

This was all in the back of my mind, on Monday I was thinking about a different relationship that I have a desire for. I was thinking about how I wanted to have a girlfriend again and throughout the day a particular girl was on my mind.

Well evening came and we had worship night. I went to worship night ready to pray to God and worship him, but during worship I was broken, missing the past relationship I had. I felt alone. I was broken because I could see how my odd personality and being the weirdo I love being keeps me from being able to attract girls or sometimes even maintain friendships. I felt inadequate.

My eyes started tearing up as I longed for a relationship, missed one I had, and was broken from how my weird personality and insecurities often seem like they are the barrier to better friendships and being able to have a relationship.

Then God, my AWESOME heavenly father, gave me a clear image. As I was in our school’s chapel worshiping him on my knees, with my eyes teared up, then he gave me this image: I was at our school’s social dancing, everyone was dancing with each other, but I was dancing with God.

So I stepped outside of the worship service, went to my Dorm room to get paper and began to write out what God said to me. Instead I ended up writing about how much I desired a relationship. But what I realized is that I want to dance with someone, but I have yet learned to be God’s dance partner. Right then I decided it was time to begin to learn how to dance with God.

What do I believe God was trying to tell me? First, he was obviously telling me I need to focus on my relationship with him, I need to dance with him. Second, he is calling me to dance with Him, which means this season of my life needs to be defined by singleness, caring for the things of the Lord.

Truth is, I’m struggling eating less, I’m still insecure about my personality, and I still want a girlfriend, but the difference is a deeper passion for God is brewing. I have realized my lack of disciple and am making efforts to practice disciple, so I can grow.

I am going to fail. I guarantee failure will happen. However, as long as I continue to have a passion to learn to dance with God, GROWTH WILL HAPPEN. The MIRACULOUS WILL HAPPEN through God’s awesome power.

Pray for me as I enter a challenging season. Pray that it is defined by: Passion, Discipline, and Growth.

Thanks for Reading,

Brandon Maddux


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Got my dream car, half way done with college, serving in the area of ministry I want to be serving in (Kids Ministry) and have a great job and what have I realized… That all sounds great but really it’s not, it is worthless. It’s not about arrival at some ideal place, some ideal position or state of mind, it’s about constant and consistent seeking of God and letting every moment bring us closer to him. It’s time I put more of my effort into growing closer to God.